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In recent years, Agriculture Research Stations have released many new "half-high" blueberries, making it possible for us to produce reliable crops in Zone 3-4, where most of the standard highbush blueberry cultivars (Bluecrop, Berkeley, Earliblue) sustain frequent extensive winter injury. Seven of these new half-highs were bred using the Ashworth blueberry, which originated here at St. Lawrence Nurseries. The shorter varieties, like Northblue and Putte, are readily covered by snowfall, which affords them additional winter protection.

Most of the blueberry cultivars listed are self-fruitful. Chippewa and Polaris require a different variety nearby for pollination. Even for self-fruitful varieties, however, the fruit crop will be increased, and fruit size enhanced, by the presence of more than one variety in a planting.

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