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Hazelbert - Corylus sp.


NOTE FOR 2020:

Due to two bad seed years in a row, unfortunately, we have a gap in our Hazelbert supply this season.  We have a beautiful crop coming on for next year, but they were simply too small to dig this year.  Our apologies for the inconvenience; they will be back next year!

The best of many crosses made by Fred Ashworth in the 1920s. All of the seedlings are of Skinner (Hazelnut) X Graham and Winkler (Filbert). The former is known for its extreme hardiness and resistance to catkin freeze-back; the latter has size and quality of nuts.

Hazelberts grow as a tall shrub (8-12 ft.), and make a wonderful edible hedge.

Shipping Height 3 to 5 ft

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