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Dwarf Sour Cherry - Prunus cerasus X Prunus fruiticosa


These two bush cherries are the result of breeding work done originally by Dr. Les Kerr in the 1940's, and later by the Univ of Saskatchewan, crossing Prunus cerasus (pie cherries) with Prunus fruiticosa (dwarf ground cherry.) They are well adapted to the prairies, and will grow in clay and/or alkaline soils. Mature height is from 4 to 8 ft, making them well-suited for high-density plantings. These cherries increase in sugar content if left on the bush, rising from 14 to 17 brix in late July to up to 22 brix in late August. They will yield their first crop within 3 years of planting. Self-fertile.

1 to 3 ft. plants; Zone 2 Hardy