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Fruit Comparison Lists

When deciding what kind of fruit tree you want, it is helpful to have them all in one place and to be able to easily compare and contrast cultivars.  Here are all the Apple, Pear and Plum varietals that will be available for Spring 2018!



a-notably annual bearer (this does not mean other cultivars will not bear annually)
c-cider e-eating 
f-ornamental flowers
l-large fruit
r-ripens over long season
u-unusual flavor
y-bears young
$-sells well at market stands



 Hardiness Key:
E — Extremely hardy, to -50F or colder.
V— Very hardy, to -50F with occasional winter injury.
M— Moderately hardy, to -40 F with occasional winter injury.
P — May need extra protection. Hardy only to -30 or -40 F.


Season: This refers to season of ripening and will vary with location. For instance, Yellow Transparent, which ripens here around Aug 1st, is ripe approximately one month later in Anchorage, AK. Our seasons in Potsdam may be roughly defined as: 
Early — end of July thru mid-Aug
Mid — end of August thru Sept 
Late — First week of Oct and later 


2018 Apples:

Variety Hardiness  Parentage  Color Season Description Code 
Alexander* E Russian importation Red or striped Mid Large size, good cooking quailties. (Great pie apple!)  Ripens continuously over several weeks. b, l, r                         DRs
All Winter Hangover+ E-V Crab seedling Red Mid Produces heavy clusters of 1 to 1 1/2 inch crabapples that hang on the tree all winter. A late winter feast of fermented fruit and seeds for wildlife! f, p
Antonovka E Early Russian Yellow Mid Make a Russian friend smile--give her an Antonovka tree! Pretty pink-tinged flowers and large, yellow apples. High acid/sugar ratio makes it good for pies! b, f, l
Ashmeades Kernel* M Old English, unknown Red-yellow russet Late Fruit of highest quality. Will keep 3-4 months. Makes excellent tasting cider. c, e, k, DRs
Astrachan Crab+ V Red Astrachan seedling Red-Yellow Early Small, flavorful fruit.  Abundant in white flowers. e, f, g
Avenarius* E-V Unknown Green-yellow with red striping Early Medium size, ripens very early; before Yellow Transparent. Sweet, juicy flesh is white. Vigorous grower! e, j, v
Bancroft E McIntosh X Forest Red Late Quality moderately good when ripe, improves with storage. Exceptional keeper. Tree bears at a young age. k, y
Beacon V Malinda X Wealthy Red Early to Mid Sweet, good-tasting and juicy. Flesh sometimes stained with red. Tree productive, resistant to scab and fireblight. e, j, p
Bethel* E-V Blue Pearmain type from Bethel, VT Red, striped Late An excellent keeper with crisp, firm, yellowish flesh. e, k, $
Bilodeau Crab V Unknown; discovered by Claude Bilodeau Red with yellow Late Exceptional large crab; well established as a fantastic cider apple, good for fresh eating. c, e, g, p, s, v               
Black Oxford* E-V Unknown; Oxford Co., ME Very dark red to nearly black Late Great for eating, cooking, cider and drying. Very hard when picked; at its best after a couple of months in storage. Tends toward bienniel bearing. e, k, c, DRs
Blue Pearmain* V Old American, unknown Red Late Medium to large fruit is mild and aromatic, with firm, dense flesh. Will keep in common storage until January. e, k
Brown Betty+ E Antonovka Seedling Yellow Late This apple will freeze right on the tree, becoming "bletted," and turning into a lovely apple gelata.  Rich tasting, and a great keeper e, k, o
Bullock* E Golden Russet X Unknown Yellow, some russet Late Fruit small; flesh yellow with a mild, rich, spicy flavor described in The Apples of New York as "very good to best." Great for cider. c, u
Burgundy V Monroe X NY 18491 Dark red Mid Very high quality dessert apple. Beautiful appearance. Hangs well without premature drop. Tree a vigorous grower, bears annually. a, e, v, $
Canada Baldwin* V open-pollinated sdlg of Pomme de Fer Green, blushed or striped red Mid Flesh white tinged with red. Juicy, excellent fresh eating and cider. Bears annually; heavy cropper. Not related to Baldwin. a, c, e, m, p
Carroll V Moscow Pear seedling Red Early Excellent eating apple, also good for cooking. Strong branching habit, annual bearer. a, b, e
Chenango Strawberry* M Old American, unknown Yellow with red striping Early-Mid Beautiful fruit with exagerated "Delicious" shape.  Excellent dessert quality.  Annual bearer, ripening over long season. a, e, r
Chestnut Crab V Malinda X Crab Red-yellow, russeted Mid Delightfully sweet and good-tasting crabapple with white flowers. 2 to 2 1/2 inches in size. Vigorous grower. Makes rich-tasting cider. e, c,  p, s, u, v     DRs
Connell Red V McIntosh X Longfield Red Late A deep red form of Fireside. Large apples are sweet and aromatic. Great eating and keeping quality. e, k, o        DRr
Cortland V-M Ben Davis X McIntosh Red Mid to late Flesh white, slow to discolor on exposure to air. Good all-around apple, favored for cooking and cider. Annual bearer. a, b, c, e
Dakota Gold E-V Unknown; ND State Univ. intro Yellow Early Large fruit; good for fresh eating and culinary use. Tolerant to fireblight. Annual bearer. a, b, e, l          DRf
Douglas Wormless+ V Stone X Duchess Red-yellow Mid Medium to large, very good, sweet eating apple. Keeps well. Resistant to tent caterpillar and scab. As close to "no spray" as it gets. e, k             DRs
Duchess* E Russian importation Red striped, yellow blush Early to early-mid Famous old apple of Russian origin. Medium to large size, pleasant taste, excellent cooking quality. b, e               DRs
Early Cortland V Cortland X Lodi Green with red stiping Early Fruit similar to Cortland, but tarter. Stores well for an early apple. Tree a vigorous grower. b, s, v
Early Harvest* E Unknown Yellow Early A very early apple which is on the tart side and good for sauce and baking. Known for 180 years. b, s
Early McIntosh V McIntosh X Yellow Transparent Yellow, red striped early-mid White, tender flesh with pleasant flavor. Good for home and local markets. e, $
Eastman Sweet*+ E Old native, unknown Red, striped Late Attractive fruit with rich, sweet, yellowish flesh. Tree bears heavily and is long-lived. e, p
Egremont Russet* M Old English Yellow russet Late Small, very high quality. Good for cider. Like all russets, this is a good keeper. c, e, k                DRs
Empire P McIntosh X Red Delicious Red late-mid Grown by many commercial orchards. Good for cider. Quality excellent, storage qualities good. Bears at a young age, annual bearer. Not self-fruitful. a, c,           k, y
Enigma E Haralson X Rescue Yellow, heavy red blush Mid Very large, round, aromatic apple good for cooking and fresh eating. Similar to Norkent. b, e, l
Enterprise M-P PRI series, Co-op 30 Red Late Firm, crisp, disease-resistant apple with a sharp flavor that mellows after storage. Thick skinned, very good keeper, annual bearer. Field-immune to scab. b, k      DRsfr
Fameuse* V Seed from France, AKA Snow Apple Yellow, red Early to early-mid Known among old-timers as the "Snow apple." White, juicy flesh, sometimes tinged with red streaks. Excellent for eating and for cider. c, e, j, $
Fireside  E-V McIntosh X Longfield Red, striped Late An excellent dessert apple. Good keeper; resistant to cedar-apple rust. e, k 
Freedom V (Macoun X Antonovka) X NY49821-46 Red, striped Late A good quality fresh-eating, cider and cooking apple. Keeps well in storage. Tree is vigorous and disease resistant. Natural semi-dwarf. (Plant Patent #5723.) b, c, e, k, v, DRsfr
Frostbite V aka MN 447 Dark Red Late Small (2 1/2 inches), with an intense tart/sweet flavor and crisp, juicy texture. Grandparent to Honeycrisp, and used since the 1920's in Minnesota's breeding program. c, e, j, o, u
Garfield King+ E Seedling of Yellow Transparent Yellow Early Found growing near Fort Kent, ME. A very hardy tree that is a thrifty grower and hardens off early for winter. Brought to our attention by Garfield King. v, s, p
George Webster+ M Unknown Yellow-red Late A large late-winter keeper. Good baking apple. b, k, l
Ginger Gold M-P Golden Delicious X Albemarle Pippin Yellow with red blush Sweet-tart, firm, crisp. Excellent for eating, baking, and sauce. Slow to oxidize. "Official apple of Virginia," where it originated. Keeps 2-3 months in cold storage. b, e, $
Golden Russet* V English Russet seedling Yellow russet Late Yields the best-flavored cider. Hard fruit; stores all winter. When using for cider, mix with juicy varieties to get a good blend of flavor and volume. c, e, k, o, $           DRs
Goldrush P Golden Delicious X PRI 1689-110 Yellow Late A firm, crisp apple with complex flavor that is good to excellent eating at harvest and improves with storage. Excellent keeper. Scab-resistant. e, k, $          DRs
Goodland E Patten Greening open pollinated Red, yellow Mid Flesh crisp, juicy and tender, makes delicious aromatic sauce and is also an excellent eating apple. Productive; annual bearer. a, e, j, o, p, s
Goodmac E-V Goodland X McIntosh Yellow Late-Mid Medium-large fruit with cream-colored flesh that is crisp and mild with excellent flavor. e
Gravenstein* M-P Unknown Yellow-green, washed crimson Mid to late-Mid A very old apple from Denmark dating back to 1669. It has a sweet/tart flavor and is good for eating, sauce and pies. Fine-grained, light yellow flesh. Ripens over a long season. b, e, r, s
Grimes Golden* M-P Unknown Golden yellow Mid to Late Given the rating of "very good to best" by Beach in The Apples of New York. Excellent fresh eating. Nicely textured, crisp, aromatic. Not a good keeper. e, o, $
Haralred E Red selection of Haralson Bright red Mid to Late Fruit firm with white flesh, a bit sweeter than Haralson. Good keeper. Some resistance to fireblight. e, k                  DRf
Haralson E Malinda X Wealthy Yellow and red, striped late-Mid to Late Vigorous and productive tree. Firm, white flesh. Mild, pleasant taste; good for cooking and cider. Moderate resistance to fireblight. b, c, e, p, v       DRf
Henry Clay* V Unknown Yellow, red Mid Stark offered this variety in the 1990s.  Fruit is similar to Yellow Transparent. b, e, $
Heyer 12 E Russian Greenish yellow Early to early-mid Super-hardy. Fruit medium size, juicy, acid, moderately coarse. Good for sauce and pies. Tree very vigorous; does well where few other varieties survive. Bears at young age. b, j, s, v, y
Hiburnal* E Old Russian Yellow, striped Mid A huge, tart apple good for pies and baking.  When top-worked, tree imparts some hardiness to more tender varieties. b, l
Honeycrisp V Macoun X Honeygold Red/Yellow Late mid A sweet, exceptionally crisp-textured apple rated superior to McIntosh and Delicious for fresh eating. Good keeper. e, k, $
Honeygold E-V Haralson X  Yellow Late The north's answer to Yellow Delicious. Flavor similar, superior storage qualities. e, k, $
Jordan Russet+ E Unknown Yellow russet with red blush Late-mid to late Juicy, hard, excellent keeper. Makes delicious cider. c, j, k          DRs
Kathryn's Favorite+ V Unknown Yellow w/ red wash & stripes Mid A rich-flavored, sweet and spicy apple excellent for fresh eating. Keeps well. Named for Fred L. Ashworth's daughter. e, k
Keepsake V-M Frostbite X Northern Spy Red Late Very high dessert quality; firm, crisp, juicy and sweet. Excellent keeper. Univ. of MN introduction. e, k, $
Kerr Apple-crab E Dolgo X Haralson Red Mid One of the very best apple-crabs. Stores well; good fresh, especially after storage, excellent for cooking and juice; annually productive. White flowers. a, b, e, k, j, p
MacFree V-M McIntosh X PRI-48-177 Red Early All the good qualities of McIntosh, with disease resistance to boot! Bred in Canada, released 1974. e, j
Macspur V McIntosh sport Red Mid A spur-type McIntosh with heavier yields and compact growth havit. Very resistant to powdery mildew. e, p
Magog Redstreak* E-V Unknown; Newport, VT Yellow, red streaked Mid A large apple with firm, tender and juicy flesh; good for sauce, baking and fresh eating. Does not keep. b, l
Maidenblush* V Early American Yellow with red cheek Mid A beautiful apple, as its name suggests. Good fresh or for cooking. Ripens over a long period. Annual bearer. a, b, e, r, s
Mantet V Tetovsky X McIntosh Amber, washed and striped red Early to early-Mid Excellent for fresh eating; sweet and juicy with pleasant flavor. Tree upright and productive. e, j, p, s, $
McIntosh* V Fameuse X  Red, striped Mid The Standard for comparison. White, juicy flesh, tender skin. Large fruit. e, j, l, $
Melba V McIntosh X  Yellow washed  Early thru mid Attractive, high quality fruit. Tree is productive and bears at a young age. Silver medal winner by American Pomological Society. e, s, p, 
Minnesota 1734 E Unknown Bronze russet Late One of the russets. Small fruit is hard, yellow-fleshed, and richly flavored. Makes excellent tasting cider. Annual producer of heavy crops. Keeps all winter in storage. a, c, k, p
Norkent E Haralson X Rescue Greenish-yellow under orange, red, russeting Mid A very large (3 to 3 1/2 inches) apple. Sweet, crisp, perfumy, with excellent flavor. Best for eating, but also a good cooking apple. Keeps 3 months in cold storage. Tree productive, upright and spreading. e, o, p, $
Norland E Rescue X Melba Red striped Early Rescue X Melba   A juicy, well-colored apple for fresh eating, cider, sauce and pies. Tree is a natural dwarf and produces crops at an early age. A super hardy cultivar. b, c, e, j, s, y
Northern Spy V-M Unknown Yellow with red stripes and blush Late Flesh yellowish, fine grained, crisp and juicy. Described by Beach as "very good to best."  Tree is hardy, but requires long ripening season; fruit does not always fully ripen in Zone 3.  b, e, j, o, $
Northwestern Greening* E Golden Russet X Alexander Green with red wash late-Mid Large fruit, crisp, firm, juicy, with slight aroma. Great pie apple b, e, j, o
Original McIntosh* V Fameuse X Detroit Red Red, striped Mid Grafted in direct line from the original McIntosh tree discovered growing in Dundas county, Ontario by John McIntosh in 1796. e, j, l, $
Oriole E-V Y. Transparent X Liveland Raspberry Yellow, striped red Early An excellent quality dessert or cooking apple. Tree extremely productive. b, e, p
Parkland E Rescue X Melba Red Early Similar to Norland but keeps better. Small fruit on a compact tree. Good for fresh eating and cooking. b, e, j, s, y
Patterson E Columbia Crab X Melba Yellow-green, blushed red Mid Flavor very mild, good quality for eating and culinary use. Keeps well. Hardy in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. b, e, s
Paula Red V Unknown Solid red early-Mid A very white-fleshed, juicy apple of good all-purpose quality. b, c, e, g
Peace Garden V Malinda X Duchess Red, striped Late Flesh very firm and juicy; good eating quality that improves in storage. Hangs well on tree; excellent keeper. e, j, k
Pierce Pasture*+ E-V Bethel X Alexander Red striped late-Mid to Late Very large apple with coarse yellowish flesh, excellent flavor. Keeps well in storage. Good for fresh eating, cider and cooking. b, c, e, k, l
Pound Sweet* V aka Pumpkin Sweet; early American Green to yellow Late A very large yellow apple. Sweet with a firm texture. Esteemed for baking; good keeper. b, k, l
Prairie Spy E-V Unknown Yellow with red wash and stripes Late Large fruit, crisp & juicy with excellent flavor which improves in storage. Keeps until Spring. Tree bears very young. Some resistance to scab and cedar apple rust. e, j, l,             DRsr
Priscilla V Starking Delicious X PRI 610-2 Yellow overlain with red; slight striping Mid Very productive annual bearer that tends to overbear if fruit not thinned. Field immune to scab; also resistant to fireblight and cedar apple rust. Medium-size fruit has good taste and crisp flesh with licorice overtones. a, c, e, p, o               DRsfr
Purdy+ E Old Russian Yellow-red, blushed Mid to Late Large apple with tart but pleasant flavor. Apples ripen over a long season and, if left, will hang on the tree into November. Discovered in the Adirondacks in a cold Zone 3. b, e, l, r, s
Puritan V McIntosh X          Red Astrachan Red Early-mid White flesh, good flavor, somewhat tart, McIntosh type.  Tree has good structure and tends to bear biennially e, b 
Quebec Belle V-M Northern Spy open pollinated Red Mid Originated in Amherst, MA. Resembles Delicious in appearance and Northern Spy in quality. Keeps well. e, b, k
Quinte V Crimson Beauty X Red Melba Yellow, heavy red blush Early Earliest good eating apple. Cream colored flesh is very tender. Annual bearer of heavy crops; tree very strong grower, requires pruning. a, e, p, v
Red Baron V Golden Delicious X Daniels Red Duchess Yellow, red blush Mid Flesh crisp and juicy, good for fresh eating, pies and sauce. Stores well. Tree is tolerant to fireblight. Bears at a young age. b, e, j, k, s, y, $           DRf
Red Hook V Carlton X McIntosh Deep red Late-mid Flesh white or cream, with outer half pink when fully ripe. Very good eating apple. Not for processing. e, j
Red June V Unknown Red Early to Late A small juicy white-fleshed apple good for eating and baking. Ripens over a long period. b, e, j, r
Red McIntosh V McIntosh Sport Bright Red Mid A darker red "sport," or bud mutation, of the original, much loved McIntosh.  e, j, l, $
Red Riding Hood




Lobo X Barhatnoe (Swedish variety)

Yellow w/ intense red



Aromatic flavor with good sugar-to-acid ratio.  Very good for fresh eating.  Hardy into northern Sweden. b, e
Redant E Antonovka open pollinated Yellow washed red Mid to Late Originated in Morden, Manitoba. A large, white-fleshed, sweet, mild apple that beckons you to take a few more bites. Good for eating and cooking. Keeps well in storage. b, e, k, l
Redstone Canyon Gold+ V Unknown -- from Scott Skogerboe Yellow Very late A yellow apple from Colorado of very high quality for eating or cooking. Very firm, sweet juicy flesh with complex flavor. Keeps well. b, e, j, k
Redwell V Scott Winter open pollinated Yellow Late Cream-colored mild flesh; good for eating, baking and sauce.  Keeps until January in proper storage.  Tree has strong structure and bears annually. a, b, e, k, $
Regent V-M Red Duchess X Delicious Bright red over yellow Late Very juicy; flavor as good or better than Red Delicious. High dessert quality does not diminish in storage. Fruit hangs well, rarely dropping before harvest. Resistant to cedar apple rust. e, j, k, $            DRr
Rhuby+ V Unknown Striped red late-Mid Rhuby produces medium to large fruit that is great for eating, baking and cider. It is resistant to scab and fireblight. Named for our grand-daughter, Ella Rhuby. b, c, e
Sherry*+ E Unknown, Stone type Red striped Very late Fruit will hang on tree all winter. Fair quality when picked, but improves to good quality after storing for several months. Annual heavy crop. a, c, k, p
Smokehouse* V-M Vandevere open pollinated Red, yellow Late Great all-purpose apple with a pleasant, spicy-sweet flavor. Tree vigorous grower, requires pruning. Reliable cropper. a, k, p
SnowSweet E-V Sharon X Connell Red Yellow with bronze/red blush Late New introduction from the MN apple breeding program. Great eating apple with a rich, sweet flavor and a touch of tartness. Firm, white flesh is slow to oxidize. b, e, $
Spartan V McIntosh X  Red late-Mid to Late Equal to Empire in quality and texture. Two weeks later than McIntosh. Keeps 'til February in storage. Bears regular heavy crops. a, k, p
St Edmunds Russet* V Unknown, British origin Orange russet Late Earliest russet. Very juicy and flavorful; makes excellent cider. Listed among the 6 best apples grown in England. c, e, j
St Lawrence* V Fameuse open pollinated Yellow, red stripes Mid Tender, fine-grained white flesh stained with red. Very good for eating; has mild, pleasant flavor. e, $
Stone* E Blue Pearmain X Unknown Red striped Late Locally known and esteemed variety. Tree long-lived and healthy. Sweet, yellow flesh with great flavor. Tends to overbear, so fruit may need to be thinned. e, k, p, v
Sweet Sixteen V Frostbite X Northern Spy Striped red Mid Spicy and rich-flavored, sweet, crisp apple with good storage qualities. Mildly coarse, yellowish flesh...excellent eating. e, k, u
Sweet Winesap M-P Unknown Red Late Keeps until May in cold storage, until April in common storage. Excellent quality for eating, baking and cooking. Sweet with good flavor. b, e, k
Tolman Sweet* V Sweet Greening X Old Russet Yellow Late A hard, sweet-fleshed apple, locally well-known and liked. Tree is a good grower and long lived. e, v, k
Trailman Apple-crab E Trail X Osman Green overlaid with red Early-Mid Superhardy crabapple about 2 inches in diameter, good for eating and sauce. Flesh crisp, juicy. Tree vigorous and productive. e, p, s, v
Viking* V Unknown Red-green Mid Fruit large, with white juicy flesh and a sprightly tart flavor. Does not drop prematurely. Tree a vigorous grower. b, e, l, v, $
Violi's Hanging Crab+ V Unknown Red, striped Late A large (2 inch) conical crab that hangs on the tree into winter. Very productive. Good flavor; slight astringency. c, f, p
Wealthy*  V Cherry Crab X  Greenish-yellow  Late Good tasting when freshly picked and well-suited for sauce and other home processing. Tree stays small and is a heavy bearer.  b, e, s, p, $
Wolf River*  E Alexander open pollinated Red striped Mid Very large and shapely, attractive variety. Good cooker, favored for pies.  b, l
Yellow Transparent* E Russian importation Yellow Early Begins to ripen in July, is excellent for cooking (some people say it makes the best sauce) and good for eating. Found in many old orchards of upstate N.Y. Scab resistant.  b, e, s DRs




2018 Plums:


Grp. Variety Hardiness Parentage Season Description
A Alderman V Burbank X Older U. of Minnesota 1985 Late August Dark red skin; golden, sweet, juicy flesh. Vigorous and precocious bearer, sometimes fruiting one year after planting.
A Black Ice V Z's Blue Giant X Oka Brian Smith; U. of WI Late July - Early August A large (2") freestone plum with dark purple-black skin and juicy red flesh.  Vigorous, productive tree has compact growth habit.
A LaCrescent E-V Prunus americana X P. Salicina; U. of Minn. 1919 Late August Tender skin; yellow with red blush.  Fruit is yellow-fleshed, sweet, melting, and very aromatic, but not a good keeper. Productive!
A Percy's + V P. americana X P. Salinina Late August Percy's is a delicious plum with rich, complex flavor. Fruit is about 1.5" in diameter, yellow-fleshed, sweet, and juicy.
A Pipestone V-M Burbank X (P. salicina X Wolf) U. of Minn. 1942 Late August Large fruit with thick deep red skin that peels freely.  Yellow flesh is excellent quality for home and commercial use. Vigorous tree!
A Toka E-V Native plum X Prunus simoni  SD Expt. Station 1911 Late August Medium to large sized fruit with a beautiful blue bloom.  Flesh is yellow-green and firm, with a sweet perfumed flavor. Superb pollinator
A Underwood V Shiro X P. americana                U. of Minn 1921 Mid August Fruit is large, red skinned, with yellow juicy flesh; melting and tender. Pit is long and small.  Fruit keeps well in cold storage. A very productive, notably annual bearer.
A Vermont Plum+ V Unkown Late Aug.   Mid. Sept. A large yellow skinned plum with sweet yellow flesh.  Intorduced to us by Herb Todd.
A Waneta E-V Apple plum X Terry                          SD Expt. Station 1913 Early Sept. Very large, attractive fruit; yellow washed with dark red.  The yellow flesh is sweet and juicy.  Hardy at Morden, Manitoba.
B Ewing Blue+ V-M Prunus domestica sp. Early Sept. An excellent prune-type plum, large and deep blue.  Vigorous grower, and is excellent for canning and fresh eating.
B Golden Gage V European, P. domestica Early Sept. Sweet and lovely; either eaten fresh or made into plum jam.  Identical to Green Gage, but with yellow skin.
B Green Gage V European, P. domestica Early Sept. Originating in France as Reine Claude in the 1500s, then reborn as Green Gage in England.  This is a small plum with green skin and sweeter-than-honey flesh.
B Hildreth E-V Imperial Gage X Unknown Early Sept. Developed by Dr. Hildreth at the Cheyenne, WY Experiment Station.  Fruit is small, but excellent in quality.  Notably annual and prolific bearer.
B McLaughlin V Unknown, Gage type            Bangor, ME  Early Sept. Tree has strong, upright framework.  The fruit is small (1.75"), round, with yellow skin.  Yellow flesh is juicy, rich, and sugar-sweet.
B Mt. Royal V Prunus dom.                                 Quebec origin Early Sept. Blue, prune-type plum.  Good for fresh eating, with firm, sweet, yellow-green flesh.  Freestone.  Self-fertile. Natural dwarf.
B Northern Blue V Mt. Royal open pollinated,             Cheyenne, WY Early Sept. The best of 6000 Mt. Royal seedling crosses made by Gene Howard.  The tree is precocious, self-fertile, and a natural dwarf.
B Opal V Oulling X Early Favorite                  Sweedish intro, 1948 August This productive European plum bears a reddish fruit with yellow flesh; excellent for fresh eating.
B Todd+ V Prunus domestica sp. Early Sept. Introduced by our nursery, and originally discovered by Herb Todd.  This is a European-type prune plum, large and deep blue.  Very hardy, and excellent for canning and fresh eating.




 2018 Pears (Please excuse the small amount of missing info; this will be updated asap!)

Variety Hardiness  Ripens Description
Ayers E-V Early Sept. Medium sized fruit, very flavorful and sweet.  An Anjou cross that grows well in Danville, VT.  Skin is rose-tinted and somewhat russted.  Tree shape is quite columnar.  Resistant to fireblight.
Cabot September Medium sized fruit.  Extremely winter hardy.  Flesh is sweet, aromatic and good for fresh eating!
Celine E Early Oct.  A seedling of Patten.  From crosses made by Celine Caron in Quebec.  Large, sweet, juicy flesh with buttery texture.  Keeps well if picked about 1 week before ripe, and allowed to ripen in cold storage.
Celyo E-V Late Sept. Another Patten seedling from Celine Caron in Quebec, CA. Smaller than Celine with sweet, melting flesh.  A first-time offering from St. Lawrence Nurseries!
Chazy River+ V Early - Mid September The parent tree is a seedling growing in Scotia, NY, is about 200 years old and was brought to our attention by Joe Lavorando.  Fruit is small to medium in size, good for fresh eating and canning.  Precocious bearer!
Clark+ E Early Sept. Fruit is small, good for canning, fair quality eating when ripe.  Ripens all at once, and is not a keeper.  This vigorous tree is fireblight and scab resistant.
Eden V Mid Sept. Discovered by David Fried in Vermont.  Large fruit with sweet melting flesh; has few grit cells, and is hardy into northern Vermont. 
Frederica V Mid-Late September This tree is of unknown origin, but the fruit is not to be passed over.  The superb flavor of the large, juicy fruit will not disappoint!
Golden Spice E September A small, very hardy pear. Good pollinator and a vigorous grower.  Flesh is tart and spicy; good for canning and for wine.  Introduced in 1949 by University of MN.
Hudar+ E-V Late July - Early August Originated on the Hudar farm in Hammond, NY, one of our best eating pears, also good for canning.  Early and productive.  Yellow, with sweet, juicy flesh.  Jon Busch in Aspen, CO (8000' elevation!) says his Hudar produced prodigiously every year.  Fruit size is a bit smaller than a Bartlett.  Tree is self-fertile.
Loma E-V Late August A large, roundish pear from Saguenay area of Quebec, 2 hours north of Quebec City.  High quality eating pear, and a good choice for locations with a short growing season.  Self-fertile.
Loving Pear E Early Sept. This is a Russian variety,  a  Ussuriensis cultivar with excellent fruit quality, as well as the unbeatable hardiness of Ussuriensis pears.  Also known in Russia as 'Nagost.'
Manning-Miller+ V Early - Mid September Firm flesh is sweet when green or ripe.  Texture can be a bit coarse, but pleasant; stands up well to processing.  Tree grows strongly and bears abundantly.  Self-fertile.
Nova+ V Mid Sept. Our best pear, named after the MacKentley's daughter, Nova.  Found growing on the Hudar farm in Hammond, NY.  Large, round, melting, and juicy.  Can be used green or ripe.  Hangs well without premature drop.  Self-fertile.
O'berg+ V September This medium to large sized pear ripens to a fine quality fruit.  Excellent canned.  The orginal tree grew just south of Ogdensburg, NY for 50 years. 
Patten E Early Oct.  Very large fruit with excellent eating quality.  One of the latest ripening pears. Should be picked about 1 week before ripe, and allowed to ripen in cold storage.
St. Sophie E-V Early Oct. Unknown origin.  Bill MacKentley tasted this pear in northern Canada and acquired some scionwood.  We have been propagating it for several year here at SLN, and it has displayed great hardiness.  Fruit is large and juicy, flesh is sweet and melting.
Savignac+ V September A very sweet, juicy pear with few grit cells.  Originated near Quebec City, Canada, in a very cold area.  Brought to our attention by Henri Bernard.
Schroeder ND Hardy+  E September This pear is under evaluation at the University of North Dakota, and has been around for over 90 years.  It regularly ripens in ND, bearing large fruit with sweet, melting flesh;  good for fresh eating and canning, with very few grit cells. 
Stacey+ E-V Mid August A profuse producer with medium size fruit. Should be picked in mid August, before fully ripe, then allowed to fully ripen in cold storage.  The original tree is at least 250 years old, and is growing near Staceyville, ME.  A vigorous and sturdy grower brought to our attention by Clarke Nattress.
Summercrisp V Mid August Introduced by the Univ. of MN.  This pear can be eaten greet as a crisp, juicy pear similar to the asian pears.  When ripe, it is sweet and fine textured.  Tree is vigorous and a good pollinator.
Tyson* M Early Sept. Known since 1794, Tyson is a medium sized, conical pear.  Fruit quality is very high, especially for fresh eating..  Not a keeper. Tree is large, vigorous, and productive. Resistant to fireblight.
Waterville V September Large and juicy with a slightly coarse but very sweet flesh.  The tree is an extremely vigorous grower.  Originated in Waterville, VT.  An Elmore Roots Nursery Introduction.