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St. Lawrence Nurseries and COVID-19

St. Lawrence Nurseries and COVID-19: The Current Plan

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) makes its way through the world, St. Lawrence Nurseries is monitoring the threat closely.  New York State has been drastically affected, and though we currently have no confirmed cases in our northernmost St. Lawrence County, we recognize that it is only a matter of time, and we are taking all possible precautions going forward. The CDC has recommended limiting gatherings as much as possible; as such, we have decided to keep our barn, office, and general premises closed to the public indefinitely.  We usually love this time of year for our visitors; walking through the barn picking out plants or giving tours of our nursery and orchard.  However, for our safety and yours, this is not an option right now. 

If you have a pickup order with us:

The current plan is curbside pickup by appointment.  In the past, pickup customers were welcome to come by the nursery during any business hours.  This year, we are requesting that our customers come only by appointment.  We will let you know when your plants are ready, and we can schedule a time for you to come pick them up.  We are also happy to ship to anyone who prefers that. 

Pickup customers who have already paid:  The current plan is for your plants to be waiting for you at the front gate at your slotted appointment time.

Pickup customers who still need to pay: The current plan is to have your order ready to go upon your arrival.  Ideally, you will not even have to exit your vehicle; we will meet you at the gate to handle payment and give you your package.   


Please, remember that the nursery property is a home as well as a business.

Our top priority is a safe and healthy work environment for all our employees, as well as for the MacKentleys, who still live here at the nursery. In keeping with the guidance of the CDC, we will continue to adjust to this evolving situation.  Currently we are:

  • Doing all possible office work from home.
  • Implementing handwashing stations and general cleaning/sanitation regimens and routines.
  • Rearranging work spaces to create more spacious environments more space for individuals.
  • Staggering employee working hours across 12 hours/day rather than 8; reducing the number of people working in the barn at one time.
  • Encouraging employees to stay home if they or their family are not well, or if they are uncomfortable coming to work; working on extending paid time off.


All we can do is ask that you be patient with us while we all continue to figure this out day by day.  The plants will go out, it is just a matter of how much our system will have to change to make that happen.   We are all in this together; we are working hard to get your orders out to you, but some delays will be beyond our control.  Your patience and understanding is much appreciated.